Remote control of a light bulb

Author: Samuel Tănase


The purpose of this project is to control a classic 230v light bulb remotely. It is intended to to force the light bulb to emit more light than the nominal value if the user wants this (with the risk to damage the light bulb).

Hardware Description

The components used for the project were the following:

  • ESP32 board
  • Custom PWM driver
  • A light bulb
  • 5VDC power supply
  • Wires and connectors

The electronic schema:

Software Description

This software part of this project consists of 3 software components:

  • ESP32 software: connects to the internet using wifi, downloads a PWM value from the server periodically and sends the PWM signal to the PWM driver
  • Android app: user interface for controlling the light bulb intensity, written using Qt C++
  • Web server: used as a glue between the ESP32 board and the remote control app, written in PHP




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