Music Visualizer


Music visualizers help create the right ambiance and make a house more welcoming and pleasant to live in. This project successfully acomplishes all of these characteristics, while also serving as a stepping stone in learning about IoT concepts, ESP32 development and sound processing science.

Project Description

A. Hardware Description

Hardware Components:
  • NodeMCU32-S ESP32
  • WS2812B LED Strip
  • KY-038 Sound Sensor (Microphone)
    • A 128×64 display that uses I2C to communicate with the ESP32 dev board.
  • Breadboard
Block diagram:

Circuit diagram:

Real-life design:

B. Software Description

The project uses the Adafruit_NeoPixel.h, LinkedList.h and Wifi.h libraries for controlling the LED strip and the webserver.

The main logic of the project is represented by the following steps:

  • set up the Wi-Fi communoication, microphone pin, LED strip object and initialize a list containing the color of the LEDs
  • in a loop:
    • Unordered List Item* read the analogue value outputed by the microphone
    • run the webserver, thus showing the client the webpage that controls the sound processing variants
    • based on the current sound representation method, process the sound and add the current LED values
    • go through each element in the LED strip's list and modify the colors of each one

The music visualization methods:

  1. simple visualization - based solely on the waveform
  2. average visualization - based on the average of sound intensities
  3. frequency based visualization - based on the frequency domain obtained with the FFT algorithm



This project represents an efficient, simple and nice solution for illuminating a room, visualzing music or any other sounds or just creating a desired mood. For me, it was a very good way to learn more about the ESP32 microcontroller and sound processing.

In my opinion, this project offers a great oppurtunity to be developed into a product that can be ultimately sold to awaiting customers that need something more customizable that the current market offers.


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