Lab 5. Firebase (part 2)

We'll wrap up our Firebase development and then we'll explore another database solution for IoT, InfluxDB.

Sending Commands in Firebase

Let's conclude our intro to Firebase with and example where you can also send commands to the database we created in the previous assignment. As such, we will be able not only to monitor our IoT network, but also close the loop and send different commands to potential actuators that are connected to our sensor nodes.

Use this tutorial to learn how to send commands and control GPIOs on your board. Remember that the RGB led is mapped at GPIO 25, 26 and 27 for the green boards and at GPIO 13, 14 and 15 for the blue boards.


Modify the example to account for the different GPIO mapping on your board.

Include sensor data and graphs from the previous lab to build a dashboard with both data input (buttons for LED ON/OFF control) and data visualization.

Add some very simple automation: e.g. if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold value, then the Firebase app should automatically send a command back to the node - light a LED

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