Temperature and humidity web server



The purpose of this project is to monitor the parameters of the environment, such as air temperature and humidity, and to process, deliver and store this information on a web page, present on the device that makes the data acquisition (I used esp8266 for this purpose). The web page is accessible to any device on the local network.

Hardware description:

Sensor one and sensor two represent humidity and temperature sensors. In this project I used HTU21D, which is a low cost digital humidity and temperature sensor, easy to use and very accurate.

The microcontroller, as I said before, is represented by esp8266 in this case. It retrieves data from sensors and connects to the local network.

Software description:


The main purpose of this project was to design a web server for monitoring temperature and humidity using the ESP8266 and HTU21D sensor. ESP8266 operates in dual mode as sensor node interfaced with HTU21D, as well as a web server where web clients can easily access sensor data.

The next step in developing of this project could involve elimination of WI-FI router access point and create an access point on the ESP32 microcontroller through which web clients can connect and retrieve sensor data. Other future plans of this project could be to add media sensor monitoring and extend of online data analysis with internet graphics on the web page.


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