Rules and Grading

  • Check the Class Register for current grades.
  • Lab involvement: 2 points
  • Assignments: 4.5 points (maximum assignment grade is 14, out of 10, meaning a total of 6.3 points, out of 4.5 points)
  • Final exam: 3.5 points (maximum assignment grade is 11, out of 10, meaning a total of 3.85 points, out of 3.5 points)
  • 4.5 points are required to pass the class.
  • There are no other requirements (such as a minimal grade for a given component).
  • In case you don't pass the exam you may choose to keep the lab and assignments grade or the final exam grade for the next year. You cannot keep some parts of these grades. If choosing not to keep any grade, everything will be reset for at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.

CTF Games

You can get assignment bonus points in case you take part and perform well in CTF games. For each CTF you take part in, you can get at most grade 7 bonus to assignments. The evaluation will be subjective based on the results and a short description of the CTF and the results. You will send that short description on the mailing list stating an overall description of the CTF (organizers, duration) and team results and what each member has done: the challenge he/she solved and a very high level idea of the solution.

Final Exam

The final exam will be an oral exam. It will take 15-20 minutes with questions (concepts, code snippets) from all lectures.

Please see here the planning for the final (oral) exam taking place in person on Monday, January 30, 2023.

September Exam

For the September exam session only the final exam may be taken again.

This is also the case for the June special session for 2nd year master students.

You can take part only once in a given exam session.

Keeping Grades

If you choose to, you can keep the lab grade (all labs) or the assignments grade (all assignments) from previous academic years or both. You cannot keep grades for lecture tests or for the exam. In case you want to keep grades, reply on the respective thread on

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