Lab Split

A lab may host at most 16 students. We allow exceptions only for exceptional situations such as when a timetable conflict occurs.

The lab groups will be created after replying to the lab allocation threads on the General Discussions forum starting with Monday, September 30, 2019, 10:15 AM. There will be a thread for each lab slot where you will fill your name and master program until a limit of 16 students per lab slot. You can only fill your own name. Please make sure you are enrolled on the CNS instance on If not, enroll yourself by accessing the CNS instance.

Monday, 16:00-18:00, PRECIS 706, Ștefania POPESCU

  1. BURDUSELU Mihai-Catalin, SRIC
  2. BOGHICI Eusebiu, SRIC
  3. TEODOR Vlad, SRIC
  4. ICATOIU Vlad-Cosmin, SRIC
  5. FETOIU Catalin-Emil, SRIC
  6. PÎRVAN Alina-Irina, SRIC
  7. MILITARU Constantin-Alexandru, SCPD
  8. TEODORESCU Lucian-Stefan, SCPD
  9. TIMOFTE Daniel, SRIC
  10. CHIRCA Ioana-Adriana, SRIC
  11. VASILE Claudiu, SRIC
  12. TICA Ioana-Teodora, SCPD
  13. UNGUREANU Ricardo, SAS
  14. Tone Costin SRIC

Monday, 20:00-22:00, PRECIS 706, Mihai DUMITRU

  1. HAMPAU Raluca Maria, SCPD
  2. DUDAU Adrian-Constantin, SRIC
  3. NICA Cristi, SCPD
  4. DUMITRACHE Daniela Andreea - SRIC
  5. AMZA Elena Violeta, SRIC
  6. MITRUTA Liviu-Andrei, SRIC
  7. Chesche Bogdan, SCPD
  8. OPREA Andreea-Bianca, SCPD
  9. STATE Ana-Ileana, SCPD
  10. IFRIM Rares-Cristian, AAC
  11. RADU Raluca, SRIC
  12. Calugareanu Anghel, SRIC
  13. VASILE Alexandru-Catalin, SRIC
  14. PIRVULESCU Alexandra, SRIC
  16. DONE Cristian-Florin, SAS

Monday, 20:00-22:00, EG306, Dennis PLOSCEANU

  2. STROIE Alexandru-Mihai, SCPD
  3. CHIRITA Madalina, SCPD
  4. GOGONEA Andrei, SRIC
  5. ZAMFIR Vlad, SRIC
  6. POPA Dan, SRIC
  7. BELCIU Maria-Alexandra, SRIC
  8. STOICA Eduard-Andrei, SRIC
  9. Mihai Popescu - SCPD
  10. TUDOR George, SRIC
  11. NEACȘU Bogdan-Ștefan, SCPD
  12. FLOREA Cristina-Andreea, SRIC
  13. NEGRU Cristian, SRIC
  14. Pogonaru Mihai, SCPD
  15. NICOLESCU Roxana-Elena, SRIC
  16. DUTESCU Cristian, AAC

Monday, 20:00-22:00, EG106, Adrian ȘENDROIU

  1. MAFTEI Stefan - Radu, SCPD
  2. SUPURAN Marius, SCPD
  3. UNGUREANU Diana-Gabriela, SRIC
  4. GEANALIU Madalina Gabriela, SRIC
  5. TITILIUC Cosmin-Ionut, SRIC
  6. GHINEA Nicolae-Florin, SRIC
  7. CIONCA Bogdan, SCPD
  8. ICLEANU Catalin, SAS
  10. NECSULESCU Alina-Diana, SCPD
  11. LASCU Bogdan-George, SCPD
  12. Damian Andrei-Nicolae, SRIC
  14. BABU Liza-Elena, SAS
  15. Poziumski Robert, SCPD
  16. Voica Ioana SCPD
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