Assignment 1

Deadline: Monday, November 27, 2023, 11:59pm (EET, Romania time)

The deadline is hard. No submissions will be accepted past the deadline.

Capture the Flag Format

Assignment 1 uses a CTF (Capture the Flag) format.

Challenges are on the CyberEDU platform (To be able to access the platform, first you have to use the registration link that has been provided on MS Teams). For each challenge you will have to submit the flag to be able to get the points.

There are 7 challenges, each challenge is worth 200 points. 5 challenges are required for the maximum grade of 10 (1000 points), the other 2 are bonus.

Apart from the flag submission, you will create a folder for each challenge. Each challenge folder consists of scripts and a README file documenting your solution to the challenge. Then pack all folders into a .zip archive and submit it on using the Assignment 1: CTF form.

Have fun and happy hacking!


If you are really stuck or think that there is a bug in the assignment, please contact Adrian on Microsoft Teams or send an email to You needn't subscribe or anything, just send an e-mail. It's a private discussion.

Keep in mind that we won't give solutions but rather hints.


Do not attack the infrastructure. If you find a problem with one of our tasks, please report to us.

You are not allowed to intercept the traffic of other teams or attack them. Any attempt to cheat on the contest will lead immediately to getting no points for the assignment and a contact of the faculty executive staff.

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