Debugging with IDA

IDA is a:

  • disassembler (As a disassembler, IDA explores binary programs, for which source code isn't always available, to create maps of their execution)
  • debugger ( IDA can be used as a local and as a remote debugger on various platforms, including the ubiquitous 80×86, typically Windows/Linux and the ARM platform and other platforms)
  • decompiler (IDA can transform binary applications into a high level readable text. Unlike disassemblers, which perform the same task at a lower level, the decompiler output is concise, closer to the standard way programmers use to write applications).

You can see an example with vuln binary from lab-03 disassembled in IDA here:

Also, the decompiled version of the vuln binary with IDA can be seen here:

You can see a more complex example, taken from ida tutorial screenshots here:

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