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October 05, 2021: The lab from Monday, 14:00-16:00 has been moved to Tuesday 16:00-18:00. As it can now take place in the same week as the corresponding lecture, thhe first such lab will be held next Tuesday, the 12th of October.

October 04, 2021: Welcome to the wonderful and challenging world of security! Put on your hackers hats, get your assembly skills on, start thinking in binary and let's get cracking! :-) The Computer and Network Security class focuses on offensive security: i.e. reverse engineering, binary analysis, exploiting and runtime application security. We will not tackle crypto or web security as these are going to be better handled at other classes. Enjoy the ride!

The first Computer and Network Security lecture will take place on Monday, October 11, 2021, 4pm-6pm. The first Computer and Network Security lab will take place on Monday, October 11, 2020, 6pm-8pm. The last instance of the first lab will take place on Monday, October 18, 2020, 2pm-4pm.

Both the lecture and labs will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform, so join the CNS team. There are two additional Teams, for SRIC and SCPD students, who should join these in addition to the main one.

All information is on the wiki. Please check the CNS Need to Know page.

For starters please join the mailing list. The administrative staff will also provide you access to the class.

The lab groups will be created after replying to the lab allocation threads on the Discussions forum starting with Thursday, October 07, 10:15 AM. There will be a thread for each lab slot where you will fill your name and master program until a limit of 16 students per lab slot. You can only fill your own name.

We will then fill the lab split here.

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