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problematica 802.11: măsurători, interferență, propagare
21.03How to Read a Paper de citit pentru parțial (18:00-19:00)
21.03Link-level Measurements from an 802.11b Mesh Network SIGCOMM Dragoș Niculescu
Youtube: Light Painting WiFi opțional
Adaptarea ratei, puterii
04.04 Robust Rate Adaptation for 802.11 Wireless Networks MOBICOM Laura Cojocaru Vlad Pelin
04.04 Synchronous Two-phase Rate and Power Control in 802.11 WLANs MOBISYS Profor Ivan Cristian Mareș
Performanța 802.11, optimizări
Channel management
18.04 Partially Overlapped Channels not Considered Harmful SIGMETRICS Cosmin Petrișor Andra Ilie
18.04A Self-Managed Distributed Channel Selection Algorithm for WLANs RAWNETS Dan Vornicu Bivol Pavel
TCP peste 802.11
25.04 On the Performance Characteristics of WLANs: Revisited SIGMETRICS Raul Pipis
25.04 Understanding TCP fairness over Wireless LAN INFOCOM Robert Tudoruț Alexandru Mustață
Arhitecturi WiFi
09.05 Single Channel WLANS ARUBA white paper Andrei Stancu
09.05 Designing High Performance Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks NSDI Radu Postolache Iulian Chiș
Poziționare folosind WiFi
Alte subiecte: multi-hop, 60GHz, backscatter, consum
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