M5 - 13.12.23

Validation 2

Lead Generation and Collection

  1. Add a lead collection section to your landing page
    • Collect contact information from potential users (e.g. email or phone number). Get them to subscribe to your newsletter to keep them up to date with the progress and launch of your product.
    • Formspree is a nice tool you can use.
  2. Add analytics on your landing page
    • Track the number of visitors on the landing page and determine your conversion rate. Analyse click-maps and user recordings.
  3. Bring people on your landing page
    • Share your product's landing page on Facebook, post in relevant groups, Reddit or other relevant social sites (optionally you can even use ads to bring google search traffic).
  4. Document the entire lead generating campaign on your Fiki
    • E.g. screenshots of your posts and their permalinks.
    • Include a brief comparison of each lead channel, highlighting the one that worked best.
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