M2 - 08.11.23

Validation 1 (idea)

This is one of the most important milestones. You need to go through the Customer Discovery process presented in the second lecture. Your initial focus should be on testing the problem, and then the solution (test your understanding of the customers' problem or need, and only after validating this, determine if the your solution matches this need).

Document the entire process:

  • How you identified the problem
  • What you thought is a solution for the problem
  • Your plan for customer discovery (short overview before going into detail)
  • Describe the process in detail - how you identified your customer segment/s, how you reached them, how you collected information from them (focus groups, face-to-face interviews, questionnaires, online forms/questionnaire, email collection on landing page etc). Include the questions that you asked and all of your findings.
  • Describe how these insights have affected your product (if in any way).
  • Do you consider that you are ready to move to the Customer Validation stage (to test selling)? Provide arguments.

Every step of your process needs to be detailed on your Fiki (you will be marked based on that). Provide proof / evidence for everything you claim you do.

Include on the Fiki the names of everyone in the team.

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