Lab 10 - UX

For the following exercises group yourselves into groups of three students.

We are going to be investigating ways to improve the User Experience for the following industries:

  1. Taxi and Ride Hailing (Uber, Bolt/Taxify, Yango)
  2. Subway (Metrorex)
  3. Busses and trams (STB / RATB)

First, decide on a role for each of you:

  • The user - this is the person in question we want to learn more about or model
  • The interviewer - this is the person conducting the interview
  • The observer - this is the person writing down answers and observations

Rotate the user within the group after each exercise.

1. User Interviews

Before jumping into creating the interview have a think about what makes a good interview. Have a look at the video below that summarises interview best practices from The Mom Test book.

The Mom Test

Here's what you need to do for this exercise:

  1. Create questions (6) - these should be open-ended, do not include yes/no questions
  2. Conduct interviews
  3. Write down insights

2. User Persona

In this exercise we are going to create a User Persona representing the user.

Personas are fictional characters designers use to reflect user types, pinpointing who they are and what they do with products in relevant contexts. Designers create personas from user data, to understand user characteristics, needs, goals, etc. and gain valuable insights into user journeys, and later, test prototypes. For more info about personas have a read here.

Focus on:

  1. Demographics (summary)
  2. Behavior
  3. Needs
  4. Problems

Here's how it should look like:

User Persona Template


Please take a minute to fill in the feedback form for this lab.

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