M1 - 01.11.23

Fiki and Project Description


Fiki comes from Fancy Wiki. The purpose of the Fiki is to present your progress on the SE project. Choosing a Fiki over a Wiki is purely for aesthetics reasons. So make it pretty! :)

Keep the Fiki one page!

Project Description

This section offers an overview of your project. It is also meant to help you clarify a few essential aspects regarding your project. You have to broadly figure out the following:

  1. Project title
  2. Present the team and assign roles (such as FR, BE, PO, PM, etc)
    1. make it look good
    2. include a form of contact (emails)
  3. Describe the problem that you have noticed
  4. Your solution / value proposition
  5. Customer segment/s
  6. Competition
  7. Your advantage over the competition
  8. Key metrics
  9. Cost structure
  10. Revenue streams

M1 Submission

Fiki Submission Form

Do not confuse the product's landing page with the Fiki

  • Landing page - for customers
  • Fiki - for showcasing the progress on the project (will include your work for each milestone)

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