03. [30p] Network Monitoring

For this task we will use Winhttp.sln inside the Task-03 folder.

We want to check the network traffic generated by the Winhttp.exe file (a program that downloads putty.exe; it is located in the Debug folder, after successfully running the code). By looking at its content, it can be noticed that it makes a request to www.sociouman-usamvb.ro.

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As in the case of the CPU, inspecting the events that take place on the network involves some amount of work for the analyst. However, since this is a simple case, we can just expand the view on the traffic generated by Winhttp.exe, and notice the request for putty.exe. If it is still not clear why some requests are there or why they last so long, we can integrate the application that we wish to investigate with Process Monitor. This way, we can insert logging elements to find out what request are made and how long they take. Furthermore, the part with timing the requests and traffic can be determined straight from Network Monitor, by considering the times of the packets.

:!: Monitor the network traffic generated by Winhttp.exe using Task Manager, Windows Performance Recorder and Microsoft Network Monitor.

:!: Using Wireshark, capture all the frames generated after running this program. Is it possible to extract the conversation data from the packet exchange? Justify your answer.

  1. Click the Start button and run Winhttp.exe. After Winhttp.exe stops, click the Stop button in Wireshark.
  2. Use the ping command to get the IP address of the previously mentioned URL.
  3. Switch back to Wireshark and add a filter for ip.addr == <ip_address> (make sure to use the IP address identified using the ping command).
  4. Right click on the GET /documents request and choose Follow → TCP Stream.
  5. In the bottom part of the Wireshark window, at the ”Show and save data as” option, choose “Raw”. Save the capture using the “Save as” button.
  6. Use Notepad++ to open the .PDF file and remove the headers (GET request and HTTP response).
  7. Save it, close Notepad++ and double-click on the newly saved .PDF file.

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