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 <note important>​ <note important>​
-You can either use this **[[https://mega.nz/file/Qcl2yBKJ#​j7cKNFhlqOlUHDqsQCBnWn3iCbhfHdg5vwHmgd4ZLvM | Windows 10 VM]]** or you can install ​the following on your own Windows machine:+You can download the **Windows 10 VM** via {{:ep:​labs:​ep_win10_vm.7z.torrent.txt}}. 
 +DokuWiki is not configured to accept ​//.torrent// files so remove ​the //.txt// extension. 
 +After that, you know what to do...
-  ​* **[[https://​go.microsoft.com/​fwlink/?​linkid=2120254 | ADK]]**. Make sure to check **Windows Performance Analyser** and **Windows Performance Recorder**. +Alternatively,​ you can install the following on your own Windows machine: 
-  * **[[https://​visualstudio.microsoft.com/​downloads/​ | Visual Studio Community Edition]]** - select C++ development. ​+  ​* **[[https://​go.microsoft.com/​fwlink/?​linkid=2120254 | ADK]]** ​- make sure to check //**Windows Performance Analyser**// and //**Windows Performance Recorder**//
 +  * **[[https://​visualstudio.microsoft.com/​downloads/​ | Visual Studio Community Edition]]** - select ​//C++ development//
   * **[[https://​docs.microsoft.com/​en-us/​sysinternals/​downloads/​sysinternals-suite | Sysinternals suite]]**   * **[[https://​docs.microsoft.com/​en-us/​sysinternals/​downloads/​sysinternals-suite | Sysinternals suite]]**
 </​note>​ </​note>​
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