04. [10p] Process Explorer

For this task we will use HandleLeak.exe inside the Task-04 folder.

We want to check what is wrong with this HandleLeak.exe program (ignore its name :-)). For Task Manager, on the Details tab add the Handles column.

Run the program, search for it inside Task Manager, and look at the Handles column. The number of handles keeps growing. This is clearly a problem.

:!: How do we investigate it? What is wrong with this file?

  1. Run Process Explorer as administrator. It is similar to Task Manager.
  2. Select the process you are interested in (HandleLeak) and press Ctrl + H. This will display all open Handles of the process.
  3. Notice that the leak happens on the leak.txt file.
  4. To find out more exact information about what causes this we will have to use Process Monitor with a filter for HandleLeak.exe.

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