03. [10p] Iotop

Iotop is an utility similar to top command, that interfaces with the kernel to provide per-thread/process I/O usage statistics.

Debian/Ubuntu Linux install iotop
$ sudo apt-get install iotop

How to use iotop command
$ sudo iotop OR $ iotop

Supported options by iotop command:

Options Description
–version show program’s version number and exit
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-o, –only only show processes or threads actually doing I/O
-b, –batch non-interactive mode
-n NUM, –iter=NUM number of iterations before ending [infinite]
-d SEC, –delay=SEC delay between iterations [1 second]
-p PID, –pid=PID processes/threads to monitor [all]
-u USER, –user=USER users to monitor [all]
-P, –processes only show processes, not all threads
-a, –accumulated show accumulated I/O instead of bandwidth
-k, –kilobytes use kilobytes instead of a human friendly unit
-t, –time add a timestamp on each line (implies –batch)
-q, –quiet suppress some lines of header (implies –batch)

[10p] Task A - Monitoring the behaviour

  • Run iotop (install it if you do not already have it) in a separate shell showing only processes or threads actually doing I/O.
  • Inspect the script code (dummy.sh) to see what it does.
  • Monitor the behaviour of the system with iotop while running the script.
  • Identify the PID and PPID of the process running the dummy script and kill the process using command line from another shell (sending SIGINT signal to both parent & child processes).
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