02. [10p] Iostat

Parameteres for iostat:

  • -x for extended statistics
  • -d to display device stastistics only
  • -m for displaying r/w in MB/s
$ iostat -xdm

Use iostat with -p for specific device statistics:

$ iostat -xdm -p sda

[10p] Task A - Monitoring the behaviour

  • Run iostat -x 1 5.
  • Considering the last two outputs provided by the previous command, calculate the efficiency of IOPS for each of them. Does the amount of data written per I/O increase or decrease?

How to do:

  • Divide the kilobytes read (rkB/s) and written (wkB/s) per second by the reads per second (r/s) and the writes per second (w/s).
  • If you happen to have quite a few loop devices in your iostat output, find out what they are exactly:
$ df -kh /dev/loop*

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