Lab 05 - Authentication in Linux


  • Authentication protocols
  • Linux PAM
  • Multi-Factor Authentication


You may use the UPB's OpenStack cloud to instantiate a Virtual Machine. Read these instructions if you wanna know how!


PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is a collection of libraries that allows you to decide how you authenticate your users to different applications on your Linux OS.


In the current security lab, we will set up a Python-scripted PAM for user authentication, expose its vulnerability by finding the password, and then secure it by adding MFA with Google Authenticator.

01. [5p] Setup

We use Docker (and we need to hack the cloud networking):

sudo vim /etc/docker/daemon.json
   "mtu": 1450
sudo systemctl restart docker
docker pull
mkdir ~/auth-lab
docker run --rm --name auth-lab -v $(pwd)/auth-lab/:/home/hacker/auth-lab -it

The ~/auth-lab folder is used as persistent volume so you won't lose + sync your work inside the container!

Download the lab archive.

Analyse the Python script and the users and groups on the system. What user are we interested in?

02. [5p] Python PAM

Download the latest deb file from and install it.

Try to download it from inside the container using wget ;)

03. [20p] Linux PAM

Modify a single Linux PAM configuration file (look in /etc/pam.d) so that authentication is done using the Python module with our script.

Hint: Since the Python script is not done, it should be sufficient to authenticate using it, but not required.


04. [30p] Python script

Because of the pam_python PAM module, we need to use the obsolete Python 2.7.

Fill in TODO(1-5). You'll know it's correct if you get the correct prompt.


05. [10p] Exploit

Log in to the user account.

06. [30p] Multi-Factor Authentication

Install the needed dependencies using sudo pip2 install pyotp==2.3.0 pyqrcode.

We need to use an older version of pyotp because of Python2.7.

The packages need to be installed as root because the Python script will be run as root for authentication.

Solve TODO(6-9) and log in to the account using Google Authenticator.


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