Online Activities

During the 2022 term all activities will be held online.

The courses and labs will be held on the Teams channel.

You can find information about the project on the Assignment page.

Lab activities

During the lab intervals the teaching assistants will provide an introduction to that week's topic (approx 15-30 mins) and will be available to answer your questions regarding the topic and exercises.

You do not have to solve the exercises during the lab's interval, you just need to submit the solutions until the end of that week (Sunday, 23:55).

The solutions will be submitted on your own private repository hosted by Github classroom. We will not grade any solutions sent in archive form or uploaded to non-classroom linked repositories or sent in any other way (email).


  1. You
    1. Create a branch for that lab in your repo
    2. Solve the exercises
    3. Make as many commits you consider necessary and push your changes
    4. Create a pull request (PR)
    5. Add your Teaching Assistant (TA) as reviewer
  2. The TA will review your PR
  3. You may address the TA's comments, if any, preferably shortly after you received them. You can push commits with your changes in the same PR.
  4. The TA will input your grades in the Class Register

When the PR is accepted you can merge it. Do not merge your PR's without receiving any feedback from the TA.

The TA will try (not guarantee) to review your PRs in the first week after their submission.

Check out the first lab for a short tutorial on Github Classroom, Android tools and how to work with git to create your first PR.

You need to create a branch and a pull request for each lab!

You can solve the lab exercises in Java or in Kotlin and use any additional library you find useful. If in doubt about a library, ask the TA during the lab session or on MS Teams chat.


Will the lab sessions be recorded?

We will record the sessions if during them all the participants are ok with that. We will ask at the beginning of each session for your consent. The recordings will be available on Teams.

What should I do if I have a question regarding my solution, during the live lab session?

You can share your screen and show the code or if you don't want others to see it, just push to your repo and ask the TA to look at it there.

What will happen to my repository at the end of the semester?

Github allows you to transfer your repository to your personal account. We configured the classroom assignments such that you are the admins of your repos.

Your repositories will be deleted in a few months after the end of the semester.

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