The assignment is an individual project in which you will apply what you have learned at the laboratories (Android programming and security guidelines) to develop a secure Android application.

Create an application which has the following components and functionalities:

  1. At least 2 activities
  2. At least 1 service
  3. At least 1 broadcast receiver
  4. Integration with at least 1 API, for example:
    1. - data for air quality, pollution, transportation etc
  5. 1 Settings Activity (can be included in the minimum of 2 activities required for the project) and the use of Shared Preferences
  6. :!: Respect the security guidelines presented throughout the lectures and labs

In order to receive bonus points, the project must also have the main components and functionalities. In total there can be 2 bonus points.

Bonus points can be obtained for including:

  • special UI design
  • unit testing.


  1. Choose a topic for your app: 8-22 March 2020
    • discuss your idea with your teaching assistant (at the lab or by email)
    • submit a description of your app on Moodle (SAS, SRIC)
    • the TA will provide feedback, suggestions on Moodle for your idea
  2. Intermediary project presentation: 4-8 May 2020
    • Presentation will be a discussion with the TA, during the lab, about the progress you made on your project
  3. Project presentations: 18-22 May 2020
    • The assignment will be presented during the lab in the last week of the semester.


  1. 3 points for a complete assignment
  2. Penalties:
    • 0.3 points - for not submitting the project topic in time
    • 0.5 points - for not presenting the intermediary project presentation
    • No points will be given if the project is not functional and doesn't respect the assignment requirements
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