Security of Mobile Devices (SMD)



  • 25.02.2022 The first lecture will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd, at 8:00 AM, on MS Teams. The first lab will take place in the second week, on Thursday, March 10th, at 8:00 AM, 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, on MS Teams.
  • 02.03.2022 You can register for a lab slot using this spreadsheet. Maximum 24 students/slot.
  • 10.04.2022 The SMD mid-term exam will take place on April 20th, from 9:00 AM, in EC101. Please bring your laptops and your IDs. This exam will cover the first 4 lectures and will include 20 multiple choice, single answer questions. The exam will last 20 minutes. The exam will be held on Moodle, so please check beforehand that you are able to authenticate. You can use the lecture recordings, the slides and recommended bibliography to learn for the exam. The exam is NOT open-book.


Day Time Location Person
Wednesday 8-10 Online - MS Teams Laura Ruse
Day Time Location Person
Thursday 8-10 Online - MS Teams Ionuț Mihalache
Thursday 18-20 Online - MS Teams Cosmin Chenaru
Thursday 20-22 Online - MS Teams Florin Mihalache



Setup and workflow

MS Team: Team link

  • lab sessions on the common channel
  • courses on the channel
  • feel free to post questions or contact the team on this platform

Moodle: link

  • used for forum posts, files, quizzes


  • Labs public repo
    • code snippets for some of the labs
    • joining by invitation from the Teaching Assistants during the first lab
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