Lab 10: Yocto Project support for IoT

Customize projects from scratch

Open the Quick start guide to Yocto Project, located at: Quick start guide

Set up your Linux system with the right packages (instruction are provided for Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and openSUSE)

  1. Install prerequisites:
    sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib \
         build-essential chrpath socat libsdl1.2-dev xterm
  2. Download the latest stable release:
    $ git clone -b zeus git://


    $ wget
  3. Source oe-init-build-env script, to create the build directory:
    $ source poky/oe-init-build-env ../my_dir
  4. Edit conf/local.conf and set MACHINE as qemuarm and any extra required variables.
  5. Build the OS image:
    $ bitbake core-image-minimal
  6. Boot the OS image of your choice:
    $ runqemu qemuarm




  1. Finish a successful Yocto Project build.
  2. Clone the layers describe in the build using wherever possible the pyro branch
  3. Use the layer created in the last lab and add support for Python and NodeJS.
  4. Add some extra packages support and group them inside according packagegroups.
  5. Create a new image which should include all the above mentioned support.
  6. Generate the SDK for your image.
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