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-====== Lecture 9 - Yocto Linux =====+====== Lecture 9 - Yocto Project support for IoT =====
 +Slides are available from the [[https://​ocw.cs.pub.ro/​courses/​_media/​iot/​courses/​iot_10.pdf|link]] 
 +<iframe src="//​ocw.cs.pub.ro/​courses/​_media/​iot/​courses/​iot_10.pdf"​ width="​550"​ height="​325"​ frameborder="​0"​ marginwidth="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ scrolling="​no"​ style="​border:​1px solid #CCC; border-width:​1px;​ margin-bottom:​5px;​ max-width: 100%;" allowfullscreen>​ </​iframe>​ <div style="​margin-bottom:​5px">​ <​strong>​ <a href="​https://​ocw.cs.pub.ro/​courses/​_media/​iot/​courses/​iot_10.pdf"​ title="​Yocto Project support for IoT" target="​_blank">​Yocto Project support for IoT</​a>​ </​strong>​ from <​strong><​a href="//​systems.cs.pub.ro/​people/​alexandru-vaduva/"​ target="​_blank">​Alexandru Vaduva</​a></​strong>​ </​div>​ 
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