IoT Services and Architectures

Welcome to the Internet of Things Services and Architectures course. During the semester we will cover topics such as hardware, software, communication, cloud services and product design.

In addition, students were given an overview of web technologies in order to interact with the embedded devices via web interfaces.

Take away

  • IoT programming
  • Hardware for IoT (Raspberry Pi and Arduino)
  • Local Sensors
  • Remote Sensors (LoRa, LoRaWAN)
  • Software Deployment (Yocto)
  • Cloud services (kubernetes, lambda functions)
  • Product Deisgn


Activity Day/Time Room Person
Lecture Tuesday 6pm-8pm EG306 Alexandru Radovici
Lab Tuesday 8pm-10pm EG306 Alexandru Radovici, Alexandru Vaduva, Ioana Culic

Teaching Team


Teaching materials

  • Visual support through slides for the couses
  • Teaching support for the laboratories with examples and exercises.

Wyliodrin STUDIO

What is it?

The main tool for the Internet of Things, which is presented throughout the course is Wyliodrin STUDIO. This platform has the purpose of making IoT available for the basic or professional user, by offering different kinds of software, which can be adapted for any kind of IoT projects. The list of what you need to use Wyliodrin begins and ends with the Chrome browser.

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