Fitbit - UPB Summer School

Learn Android development and the newest and most excited Cloud technologies from Fitbit engineers.

The summer school consists of 10 sessions and a hackaton during which the participants will build a custom IoT system. Each session will consist of a short lecture followed by work in teams of 2 at a part of the system.

Course pre-requisites:

  • Basic Java knowledge or a similar object oriented language
  • Object oriented fundamentals


The sessions will be held in the Fitbit Lab@ACS: EG302.

Each session will be approx 3 hours long, from 6PM to 9PM, with Cloud sessions on Tuesdays and Android sessions on Thursdays.

Date Session
18.06.2019System architecture overview
20.06.2019Android: Fundamentals
25.06.2019Cloud: Fundamentals
27.06.2019Android: Server communication & Security
02.07.2019Cloud: Introduction to deployment, Kubernetes
04.07.2019Android: Bluetooth Low Energy communication
09.07.2019Cloud: Data Management
11.07.2019Android: Data management
16.07.2019Cloud: Monitoring & Debugging
18.07.2019Hackathon & Fun Starts at 17:00 !!!





  • Andrei Dragomir
  • Andrei Serea


  • Dan Tudose
  • Octavian Purdilă


  • Emilian Rădoi
  • Octavian Grigorescu

Contact: summerschool2019 at fitbit dot com

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