Install docker using this link.

You can find Elrond images at this link.


  • Check the Class Register for current grades.
  • Lab involvement: 2 points
  • Assignments: 4.5 points (maximum assignment grade is 14, out of 10, meaning a total of 6.3 points, out of 4.5 points)
  • Final exam: 3.5 points (maximum assignment grade is 11, out of 10, meaning a total of 3.85 points, out of 3.5 points)
  • 4.5 points are required to pass the class.
  • There are no other requirements (such as a minimal grade for a given component).
  • In case you don't pass the exam you may choose to keep the lab and assignments grade or the final exam grade for the next year. You cannot keep some parts of these grades. If choosing not to keep any grade, everything will be reset for at the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Final Exam

The final exam will take place on 31st January 2023, 10am, in PR606 (PRECIS Building). We will start with the practical exam and finish with the theoretical one.

Practical Exam

  • Open Book - you can access any online/offline resources as long as you don't collaborate;
  • 60 minutes;
  • Some of the tasks you will have to do: create a wallet, write a basic smart contract, build and deploy it, interact with it (make transactions on the blockchain with the SC you deployed), use events for SC, create fungible and non-fungible tokens;
  • You can prepare and use any scripts for interaction with the blockchain;
  • Can be solved on any blockchain you want;
  • Worth 3 points out of the 3.5 points allocated for the final exam.

Theoretical Exam

  • Closed Book - access to any online/offline resources is considered cheating;
  • 2-3 open-ended questions;
  • 15 minutes;
  • Only general questions and will not be dependent to any blockchain solution;
  • Worth 0.5 points out of the 3.5 points allocated for the final exam;
  • Extra 0.35 points can be earned for great answers;
  • The exam will take place on Moodle.
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