Secure & Fast Programming Using D

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“D is a multi-paradigm system programming language that combines a wide range of powerful programming concepts from the lowest to the highest levels. It emphasizes memory safety, program correctness, and pragmatism.” - Ali Çehreli, Programming in D, 2018


The second edition of the D Summer School will take place between June 22nd and July 11th 2020, in an online setup. The aim of the program is to introduce students to the basics of the D programming language offering insights on key idioms and focusing on modern programming techniques.

Activities will take place during three intensive training sessions per week that will enable students to contribute to the language and submit bug-fixing PRs to core D language repos. In the final week of the summer school we'll strongly encourage students to begin working at a bug-fix for one of the bootcamp issues posted on the bug tracker. The final day of the program will be marked by a hackathon where efforts will be concentrated on delivering PRs to upstream. Prizes will be awarded.


We are relaxing our application process. In order to apply, just fill this form and upload your CV. Solving the assignment will strongly increase your odds of getting selected.

Register by 23:55, June 19th 2020. Afterwards we will evaluate your submissions and announce the selected participants.

Location & Schedule

The D Summer School takes place in the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

Activities take place three times a week, as shown in the schedule below.

Each session is highly practical: a presentation of a set of basic concepts on slides followed by hands-on activities (tutorials and tasks).

UPDATE: Join the classroom.


  • July 5, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x01. Introduction to D
  • July 7, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x02. Introduction to Meta-Programming
  • July 9, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x03. Memory Safety
  • July 12, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x04. Advanced D concepts
  • July 14, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x05. Multithreading
  • July 16, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x06. Design by Introspection
  • July 19, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x07. C\C++ Interoperability
  • July 21, 2021, 5pm-8pm: Session 0x08. WebApp Tutorial using Vibe.d
  • July 23, 2021, 10am-6pm: Hackathon + after party (pizza and beers on the house)



Waiting for applicants…

Class room

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