Thales DevOps Summer School

General description

Level up your knowledge and dive into the world of DevOps with our concise summer school program. Discover what DevOps truly means and learn the best practices that will set you apart in the industry.

During 6 hands-on online sessions we will cover topics such as infrastructure deployment automation (infrastructure as code), configuration management (configuration as code), containerization and orchestration.

Our DevOps professionals will present some of their day-to-day activities to help you visualize a real project, revealing a glimpse into the secrets of the DevOps community.

Are you ready for a unique learning experience? :-)

What to expect

  • gain insights into Thales and our ground-breaking work;
  • immerse yourself in an engaging and practical curriculum;
  • acquire valuable technical skills for your future career;
  • stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field;
  • experience practical learning with a variety of tools;
  • unlock ideas to automate and improve any project or process;
  • connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends.

Location & Schedule

All activities will be done online using Microsoft Teams communication tool.

All participants will use a virtual machine prepared in advanced by the organizers.

Sessions will combine theory with practice, students will have the opportunity to build a complete DevOps environment by themselves.

Sessions overview

The courses will be organized three times a week according to the schedule below:

  • August 29 th , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 1 - Setup the environment + program overview + Git/Gitlab
  • August 30 th , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 2 - Python + Ansible
  • August 31 st , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 3 - Docker + Gitlab pipelines
  • September 5 th , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 4 - Kubernetes 1/2
  • September 6 th , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 5 - Kubernetes 2/2
  • September 7 th , 2023, 17:00-20:00: Session 6 – Helm + DevOps@Thales


If you’re excited about this opportunity, fill out this form (CLICK) by:

15 August 2023

Afterwards, we will send you a short assessment via email. Following the internal evaluation of all submissions, we will announce the selected participants and provide you with connection details via email.

Don’t miss out on this chance to broaden your horizons and enhance your CV!

Join Thales DevOps Summer School and pave your way to a successful career in the IT industry. 8-)


Please make sure to have the following:


Experienced Thales DevOps Architects and Engineers from the Engineering Environment & Support Department.

  • Bogdan Croitoru, Engineering Support Department Manager
  • Geanina Szekeres, DevOps Head of Discipline
  • Adrian Mazarache, CloudOps Head of Discipline
  • Stefan Mitoi, ITOps Head of Discipline
  • Mircea Vrabie, DevOps Engineer
  • Mircea Anton, DevOps Engineer
  • Eduard Draghici, Thales HR responsible

All the other colleagues that will be involved will be added here.

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