Bachelor Courses

Operating Systems Usage
This course introduces 1st year students into Operating Systems Usage. Linux is being used as a platform for introducing Operating Systems concepts such as processes and files.
Computer Networks
This course aims at helping students understand the design and inner working of Computer Networks.
Operating Systems
This course aims at helping students understand Operating Systems better.
Operating Systems Design
This course aims at helping students understand the internals of Operating Systems.
Network Design
This course introduces students to Network Design concepts such as switching and routing.

Master Courses

Network Services Management
This course presents global configuration options for Internet services (web, e-mail, DNS, FTP, remote access) and places accent on important security features that need to be implemented before the services are released.
Operating Systems Practical
This course presents advanced concepts in operating systems as they are explored in research publications.
Computer Network Security
This course aims at providing a set of tools for vulnerability assessment and security calibration both at the network and at the operating system level.
Securing Computers and Networks
This course teaches network administrators how to secure network devices such as routers and switches.
Advanced ISP Services
This course focuses on the integration of advanced system services components and on the service reliability and scalability
Securing Networks with Dedicated Devices
This course focuses on the planification, implementation and configuration of a secure, scalable, redundant and convergent network using dedicated firewalls and Unified Threat Management

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