Curs 04: Reprezentarea datelor în sistemele de calcul

  • Suport curs
    • Sivarama P. Dandamudi: Introduction to Assembly Language Programming
      • Appendix A: Internal Data Representation: A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4.4, A.7, A.8, A.9


git clone

și apoi compilăm/asamblăm

cd curs-03-demo; make

The demo adds two bytes.

For signed/unsigned operations, watch flags C(arry) and O(verflow).

Presence of a flag means result is in the allowed interval.

Absence of a flag means the operation is within the allowed interval.

0x2 + 0x2

0xff + 1

0xff + 0xff

0xfe + 7

0x7f + 0x81 vs. 0x7f + 1

0x7f + 0x7f vs 0x7f + 0x80

Exercises for C and O - find a pair that activates:

  • none
  • only C
  • only O
  • both
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