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 +====== Internet of Things ======
 +{{ :​iot2015:​facebook-cover.png?​500 |}}
 +The Internet of Things course has been taught at "​Politehnica"​ University of Bucharest, during the IoT Summer School. It revolves around this particular subject, explaining its importance, its functionalities and applications. ​
 +The course provides a thorough review of how the user can benefit from creating and using IoT projects. After following the course and laboratories,​ the student should understand the concept of IoT, be able to make a project involving sensors, embedded boards and use the data stored locally or in the Cloud. ​
 +In addition, Signal Processing lessons will define the comprehension of the field, will teach the student how to use the gathered data and put it into graphs and also use some extra processing software, such as Octave. ​
 +Also, the mobile part will make an analysis of what PhoenGap means and how it can be used to make applications. ​
 +===== Wyliodrin=====
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 +==== What is it?====
 +The main tool for the Internet of Things, which is presented throughout the course is Wyliodrin. This platform has the purpose of making IoT available for the basic or professional user, by offering different kinds of software, which can be adapted for any kind of IoT projects. The list of what you need to use Wyliodrin begins and ends with the browser. ​
 +The platform facilitates writing the code for IoT devices, gathering and controlling data, communicating with different devices of the same user or belonging to other users. ​
 +Wyliodrin offers documentation for its programming languages such as Visual Programming,​ Streams or Python. For all of these you can access Wyliodrin'​s books and find out more on each programming language, discover example projects and understand major concepts on the IoT topic.
 +  *  [[http://​issuu.com/​wyliodrin/​docs/​getting_started_guide_for_raspberry| Getting started guide for Raspberry Pi]] which will teach you how to make different projects for your Raspberry Pi board
 +  * [[http://​issuu.com/​wyliodrin/​docs/​getting_started_guide_for_intel_gal| Getting started guide for Intel Galileo]] : this books presents many examples of projecs on Intel Galileo board. The level of difficulty varies from project to project. For all of these examples, the applicability is the main factor taken in consideration along with the educational purpose. ​
 +  * The IoT course book which will soon be public. ​
 +More to this, [[https://​play.google.com/​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.wyliodrin.wyliodrinsensors| Wyliodrin'​s mobile application ]] will spare you the spendings for sensors you might need in your projects, and let you use the ones you already own on your mobie phone. Install the app on your smart phone, let it scan the device for available sensors and choose the one you intend to use. Easily connect your phone to the board by scanning the QR code located on Wyliodrin'​s page. 
 +==== Become a user ====
 +In case you already have an account for Politehnica'​s site, go to https://​www.wyliodrin.cs.pub.ro. If not, sign up on [[http://​www.wyliodrin.com| Wyliodrin'​s website]]
 +===== Topics ====
 +  * IoT: description,​ hardware, software, web services ​
 +  * Signal Processing ​
 +  * Mobile ​
 +===== Take away =====
 +  * IoT programming
 +  * Signal Processing
 +  * Mobile programming
 +===== Teaching Team ===== 
 +  * [[iot2015:​echipa:​alexandru_radovici|Alexandru Radovici]], PhD (IoT & mobile)
 +  * [[iot2015:​echipa:​andrei_popescu|Andrei Popescu]] (signal processing)
 +  * [[iot2015:​echipa:​avner_solomon|Avner Solomon]] (mobile)
 +  * [[iot2015:​echipa:​madalina_tanea|Madalina Tanea]] (IoT)
 +===== Organizers =====
 +  * [[razvan.rughinis@cs.pub.ro|Razvan Rughinis]]
 +  * [[daniel.rosner@cs.pub.ro|Daniel Rosner]]
 +  * [[mihai.bucicoiu@cs.pub.ro|Mihai Bucicoiu]]
 +===== Teaching materials=====
 +  * Video format of the courses
 +  * Visual support through slides for the couses
 +  * Teaching support for the laboratories with examples and exercises. ​
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