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 ===== Announcements 2019-2020 ===== ===== Announcements 2019-2020 =====
-<note important>​+**Examen Restanta 23 Mai 2020, ora 13:00** 
 +  * **Pe Teams - [[https://​teams.microsoft.com/​l/​team/​19%3a011b4b2f883641c39a9aee3bb8564061%40thread.tacv2/​conversations?​groupId=beca3fda-96aa-4d77-bef3-5b485cb3e18f&​tenantId=2d8cc8ba-8dda-4334-9e5c-fac2092e9bac | aici]]** 
 +  * **Oral** 
 +  * **Aceeasi materie ca si pentru examenul din sesiunea din iarna**
-**Next week 11-15 November, NO LECTURE, NO LABS!** 
-**The second lecture test will be on Wednesday, 20th of November.** 
-  * The lab test is scheduled for next week, during the lab timeslots on 4, 5, 6 and 7th of November. The test will be based on the previous labs, and has the same amount of points as a normal lab. 
-  * The first lecture test will be on Wenesday, 23rd of October. 
-  * Labs occupation for the first 2 weeks can be seen [[https://​drive.google.com/​open?​id=1pGboyN4KT6bcA8aen_J0Ae4a4gk4h5Za|here]]° 
-  * For the next lecture, on the **9th of October**, we have an invited speaker: **Michael Widenius**. He is main author of the open source MySQL database and a founding member and CTO of the MariaDB Corporation AB. He's going to give a presentation on: "How to become an Open Source Entrepreneur"​. 
-  * Labs start on the **30th of September 2019**. 
-  * Lectures start on the **25th of September 2019** in room EC105. 
 +**Join our team ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ**
 +  * **email @ [[emilian.radoi@cs.pub.ro | Emilian]] until 14th of February**
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