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 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <table style="​border:​none"​ class="​inline">​ <table style="​border:​none"​ class="​inline">​
 <tr class="​row0">​ <tr class="​row0">​
- <td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;​ width:​200px;">​ <a href="/​mpsit/"> <img src="/​courses/​res/​sigla_mpsit.png" class="​mediaright"​ align="​right"​ alt="" ​width="150px" /> </a> </​td><​td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;">​ <​strong>​Managementul Proiectelor și Serviciilor Software</​strong>​ </td>+ <td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;​ width:​200px;">​ <a href="/​iot/"> <img src="/​courses/​res/​sigla_iot.png" class="​mediaright"​ align="​right"​ alt="" ​height="70" /> </a> </​td><​td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;">​ <​strong>​IoT Services and Architecture</​strong>​ </td>
  </​tr>​  </​tr>​
 </​table>​ </​table>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​
Line 224: Line 226:
 <​html>​ <​html>​
 <table style="​border:​none"​ class="​inline">​ <table style="​border:​none"​ class="​inline">​
-<tr class="​row0">​ 
- <td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;​ width:​200px;">​ <a href="/​iot/">​ <img src="/​courses/​res/​sigla_iot.png"​ class="​mediaright"​ align="​right"​ alt=""​ height="​70"​ /> </a> </​td><​td style="​padding:​10px;​ border:​none;">​ <​strong>​Internet of Things</​strong>​ </td> 
- </​tr>​ 
 <tr class="​row0">​ <tr class="​row0">​
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